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The only leadership certification program in the world specifically designed for network marketers.

Legacy Leadership Academy™ is the only program of its kind that gives you the clarity, confidence and systems you need to become the kind of leader people want to follow, and start acting like a ‘real business owner’ so you can build a profitable business.

What does it mean to become a Legacy Leader™?

In one short word... FREEDOM!

The greatest gift that your business has to offer is the ability for you to experience Total Freedom in your life. The financial and time freedom to do what’s most important, and the personal freedom to be yourself along the way, creating success on your terms.

Your mission inside this program, should you choose to accept it, is to make the most of the God-given potential that lies inside of you, using your business as a vehicle to help you make a positive impact in the lives of others, and in the process build a lasting legacy for your life.

I signed up for Legacy Leadership Academy last month and loving the program. I just signed up 2 new ambassadors after signing no one in over 6 months!! Thank you, Bob and your team for all you do!!

Larelle Cutler

I’m smiling like a lunatic right now. Two years in NWM over all and no success, 2.5 weeks in my current company, 72 hours with Bob Heilig, 17 reach outs, 1 red apple! YAY!

Laurie Klataske

In February my team added ZERO new members. Then BOB! Your words, your teaching, your inspiration and your telling it like it is….well this month I personally added 8 new team members and my team added 11!

Cheryl Yurksaitis Gullo

I might sound crazy for giving so much credit to Bob for my vastly improved mental health but I thank God that he answered his call to bring love and value to the NWM industry. My life is officially changed.

Kristina DeLine

Join the Waitlist.

Be a part of something bigger in 2020.